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Mobile Battery Power


don't worry i have solution ?with this wonderful app you can save life your battery. It's FREE in market, just download and install it in your phone.Mobile Battery Power :) its like a Battery Doctor saver 2015 Pro with beautiful theme for your eyes, is an energy saver that can prolong the battery life up to 50% by finding applications and energy settings on your device.. believe me you need to try it.Mobile Battery Power are free apps that help save battery power for Android systems. It can help you save battery power at the touch of a button. With its many features, including power consumption ranking, memory scrubbing and background task shut-down, you can easily change the battery saving mode and extend battery life.Join 150 million users on Android and iOS who have seen the benefits!Show Stats battery easily (details as temperature, voltage, technology, health and usage). See the percentage of remaining battery in your status bar, and easily optimize your device when needed.Just click on the "maximize" button to optimize the battery fast. Conserving battery power is achieved by erasing the RAM memory.
Please keep in mind that the time of the bore battery is evaluated.Battery Doctor PRO 2016 is Battery Saver a simple and elegant application that will help you follow the current battery percentage on your Android device, such as battery saver tools.With Battery Saver, every time and everywhere you will know if your battery has enough to play a game, a movie, or to browse the web.
The battery is user interface as simple as possible, but extremely convenient.
** Main characteristics **
⦁ - Turn off unnecessary applications that empty your battery!⦁ - Brightness control!⦁ - Processor Management (Mobile Rootes)!⦁ - Battery temperature!⦁ - Tips for recharging!⦁ - Easy to use interface!⦁ - Task Killer kills tasks with a single click!⦁ - Stop applications when the screen is off!⦁ - Precise remaining battery time!⦁ - Recharge time remaining accurate!⦁ - Planning the power saving mode for work / class / during sleep and more!⦁ - Single recharge system in 3 steps!⦁ - Wifi on / data / Bluetooth!⦁ and More
⦁ - Battery Saver is incredibly light!⦁ - Additional information on the battery temperature, voltage, health.⦁ - Task Killer kills tasks with a single click!⦁ - Schedule power saving modes for work / class / sleep and more!⦁ - Displays battery information in percent (%).⦁ - Turn off unneeded applications that drain your battery!
what are you waiting for ! download it now It's FREE In MarketEnjoy battery 2016 it's super power for your power Free for Your Phone Android.
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